•  Below are responses given to me by my patients.

    Names have been removed to protect patient privacy


    “I’m very confused on how well it’s working; I also want to understand what exactly is done and how it is HELPING and google is not helpful!! I am now YELLING!!!” This is the second period since I’ve gotten acupuncture from you I’ve had that wasn’t hunched over and taking off work from how painful it was??? It is also on time for the first time in Y E A R S????

    Please explain the sorcery (scientifically?) Also, thank you, this is genuinely life changing for me, I’ve never been excited to see what the next month holds for me as a woman LMAO. I am EMOTIONAL about this. I genuinely thought I’d be in pain forever. I’ve tried SO MANY THINGS and the fact that THIS WORKED feels like GASLIGHTING somehow??”


    "Our last treatment really helped. I was feeling stuck and negative minded and felt like I needed an attitude adjustment. And your treatment gave me that adjustment. I felt more like me afterwards so thank you, thanks to you and your magic"

    “I feel like I should have paid more for today’s treatment.”

    Um--it's crazy how GOOD my knee looks right now (seriously!) and I can walk normally without that weird clicking...WTF, man!?!Thx again.Taking the second two & putting powder on it before I tape it tomorrow....I haven't used the salve yet, but I will

    "It's a pain-free transition”

    "You gave me my arm back; I haven't felt this good in a year."

    “It's almost like magic”

    "Neck all better, Thanks."

    "Thanks for fixing my eye, 100% improved. Mucho Amor!"

    Thank you for the awesome treatment last night! I slept so peacefully and restful and only got up once to pee and went straight back to bed. I haven’t slept that well since mid-December. Also, no more n/v or any of that crazy heat!

    Thank you! You are a magician in more ways than one!

    "I can't believe how much change occurs so quickly.'

    “I know that to you it's medicine, but to me it's a miracle.”

    "Best results I've gotten from any kind of doctor ever."

    "I woke up with no sweat...that's worth noting."

    “Thanks again! The pain in my shoulder and back are completely gone
    and has stayed gone.”
    “Local pain, but can breathe so much better!
    Diaphragm is moving with ease and my nose feels so open.
    Thanks again.”
    "The salve is awesome…I’m so happy with how this is healing”
    “I wanted to let you know I slept through the night and no headache this morning; no burn odors either.”
    “Sinus pain went away last night. Thank you.”

    “Thanks! You seriously adjusted my entire mindset…
    It is unreal…the monster is gone.”
    “Wrists feel great even when playing a 12-string guitar all night.
    I think we’re onto something.”
    “The nice thing about the current craziness is
    that it is not of the usual self-created and induced type…
    everyone else went nuts this week!”
    “Phranque, my eyes are white, the yellow color has completely gone; I have never seen anything so beautiful in my life.”

    “Lots of interesting changes…all very positive.”
    “My head isn’t fuzzy, I’m not a raging bitch, (well, no more than usual) and even the skin stopped being itchy.”

    “Thank you so much for pulling me out of a very dangerous space.”

    “Phranque, I don’t know what I’d do without you.
    Thank you sooooooooooooo much. I feel like myself again.”

    “{I am} very thankful for your consistent effective treatments…
    and the laughter.”

    “I really appreciate your help.”
    “Snake bile is very helpful. Throat much improved. Thank you.”

    “I slept through the entire night. Thank you, Thank you!”
    “Thanks again Dr. Phranque. I’m starting to feel tons better.”

    “Phranque, you are a master of your craft for sure.”
    “Thanks for getting me back on track, Phranque….”

    “I’m really interested in what you fixed, I feel so relaxed.”

    “Once again, you reorganized my system.”

    “I am so happy about how this is healing”
    “I’ve stopped taking my vicodin”

    “Leave it to Phranque Wright to get rid of my concussion headache – best acupuncturist in the world.”

    Things are much better, he seems less agitated and moody. He said it is the first time in years he's felt settled. He also stopped drinking coffee.

    More Testimonials

    “Thank you for all {that} you have done for me so far. I have sought help from priest/psychics/therapists, etc & I have had more peace and clarity from your work.

    "{It is} Incredible how awesome my upper back feels!"

    "That blob in my vision is gone...when I visited my eye doctor he said I don't have a scar anymore inside it; he's confused, I told him you did it."

    "Holy moly Phranque! I feel a million times better. It is so much easier to walk. Thank you. Thank you!!!

    "I need to fly to Chicago, because there are none with your touch in Colorado that I can find. I have tried to get relief on and off for years, but no one knows how to handle me like you do. In 10-years I have never had a touch like yours; can't argue with magic :-)

    "What did you do to me? I slept for 4 hours and awoke thinking I'd slept 20 minutes."

    "Thank you billions for the treatment. Most favorite so far."

    "Flare up went away 20 minutes after taking the red pills"

    “Thanks again, I feel amazingly better.”

    “Thanks for the treatment– it worked like a charm.”

    "The numbness in my left middle finger is still gone- I'm thrilled. And I can inhale fully with no pain/tenderness. I'm glad I tried acupuncture and OM again; now, I'm amazed and certainly interested in learning more. And I'm curious to see how much more the symptoms will decline, if not leave altogether."

    “No more fevers, thanks for working your magic.”

    “I feel great the problem was a 9; now it’s 3 – thanks so much.”

    “The treatment helped a lot, feeling much more positive and able to do important things and only think about myself moving forward. Thank you.”

    “My head is much clearer, and I’m not feeling so depleted. My neck and shoulders feel much much, much better. Thanks!"
    “Breathing is so much easier! And some gross yellow green stuff came up. Thanks."
    “You should be famous, why aren’t you famous?”

    “Thanks for everything you have done for me. I really appreciate you.”
    “I hope you know how much you help us. You are a genuine and kind spirit.”

    “I know that without your help I would be suffering so much and for so long. (What you do) is a true science and art.”

    “FYI my ring is starting to move better {finger was too puffy to fit} and my blood pressure at the doctor’s office just now was 102/60. Wow, I’ve never in my life been that good! You ARE amazing!”

    “Weirdest thing in the car on the way home low back pain suddenly vanished…ok, this is amazing my back feels suddenly great.”

    “Great news, had my follow-up ultrasound and the results are in – the bilateral cysts that were of concern were all undetectable on this ultrasound. Thanks for any part you played in helping with these results.”

    “Magic meds (bleeding stopped), thanks Doc.”

    (the rest of this column is one long letter)

    “The other day while I was on a train to work I was reflecting on this year so far, and meditating on all the things I am thankful for. The major one that stood out to me was the amazing physical restoration that has happened due to your acupuncture sessions.

    I have experienced many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits through acupuncture, more so than I have with any other medicine.
    Before I started being treated by you I had numerous physical and emotional dysfunctions.

    One of the physical dysfunctions that troubled me was the pain, tension, cramps and spasms in my low back, left thigh, leg and foot. My quality of life was affected to a negative degree. I enjoy working out, but could not due to the dysfunction in my body. Before the dysfunction spiraled down I enjoyed running and jogging. One year ago my body became so aggravated by the actions of running that (to) do something so simple as to run across the street to catch a bus proved to be to taxing for my body. Performing the offending activity produced the feeling in my low back like a world war was going to break out.

    After several treatments from you functionality was restored to my body, so much so that one day I decided to test it. I ran across a street and amazingly no tightness in my low back, no feeling of war about to break out. Amazing! I don't think I shared that with you, and just want to express my deep gratitude for your help. I will forever be grateful to you for your help and care!”