Below are what you can expect. Please read the whole thing before contacting me to make sure you are ready.

    Quit Smoking
    Become a Non-smoker in 5 days with Acupuncture and Herbs.
    Stop the Addiction and Emotional attachments immediately.

    You must see me 5 days in a row,
    (Not necessarily at the same time every day, but 5 days).

     Day 1:
    You will fill out an intake form explaining your general
    medical and life history. Then we will discuss your case (all are different)
    and begin treatment. You will get 5 needles in your ear (Addiction Protocol
    treatment), I will give you the ingredients for your herbal formula, and
    directions on how to cook the tea. (the tea is a major part of your treatment),
    and you will get body points needled depending on your individual case.

    Day 2 - Day 5:
    We will discuss where you are in your case, what changes
    occurred, what changes need to be made, how your emotions are flowing, etc. You
    will have the 5 needles in your ears each day of the 5 days (while here), and
    the body points will change depending on your case. Included in the treatments
    may be Moxibustion, Cupping, Massage, Consultations on diet, habit, emotion,
    etc., and additions to the herbal formula.

    What I Expect from You prior to seeing me: 
    You choose to quit smoking. If you are unsure, do not come in,
    it wastes time for both of us.

    That you have smoked your LAST cigarette before you come in.
    That can be done the day before, or just before you walk in my door. Either
    way, you have made it official: That cigarette is your LAST. Also, no
    patches, gums or nicotine in any form.

    That you clean your house, car, pockets, clothes, and entire
    personal life of cigarettes and all paraphernalia.

    That you inform your friends, family, and acquaintances of your
    decision. This is so you can get their support, learn who will give you
    trouble, and start considering yourself a non-smoker.

    We will find other expectations which deal with your case specifically.

    What You can Expect From Me: 
    Help to get you over your Physical Addiction to Cigarettes.

    Help to get you over your Psychological Addiction to Cigarettes.

    Help to get your body's organs to fulfill their function
    properly, so that you will feel the power of your own body's functions and be
    strong enough to live without the aid of the drug.

    Help taking off the `edge' or `Jonesing' smokers feel during withdrawal.

    Helping you feel healthier, stronger, a better breather,
    improve your taste buds, etc.

    You will get lectures on the evils of smoking, the tobacco companies, etc.

    We will find other advantages, which deal with your specific case.

    This is not a full spectrum guarantee. I say this because you
    are a human with your own mind and own free will. I promise to do for you what
    I can, but that can only happen if you take the formulas, see me for the 5 days,
    and follow my consultations. I have no control over your mind, your friends,
    your choices in life, or your free will. You have Responsibility in this
    journey too.

    I have an 80% success rate. (compare to 45-55% success of
    total number of any other Quit smoking program - including the patch,
    gum, cold turkey, hypnotism, and drugs). This 80% success rate includes people
    who did NOT complete the program, and people who have completed the program and
    later said (in effect) `Screw this I like smoking.' The 80% also includes a
    time when I was perfecting this process, I learned from my failures, which is
    better for those that come to me now.

    COST: $345.00
    Full price Includes:
    5 treatments
    Herbal formulas
    Emergency calls (if any are required),

    6th treatment in future.
    Lectures on evils of smoking and cigarette industry