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    Any or all can be included in a session, there is no individual costs. You pay for a session, not indiidual services.


    A method of treatment whereas extremely fine, hair-thin
    flexible needles are placed at specific points on the energetic pathways, known as meridians. When the needles are inserted you may experience a sensation of
    tingling or warmth. People are surprised to find that treatments are actually quite relaxing.



    A method of treatment similar to Acupuncture, however,instead of inserting needles, only pressure is applied to the points using fingers, or tapered instruments.


    This is the `Pharmaceuticals ' of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Herbal
    formulas are put together using plant, animal, and mineral substances. The formulas are designed for specific patients and their diseases; they help regulate the meridians, organs and help stimulate the body's natural healing mechanisms bringing the patient from a state of dis-ease to one of health.

    E-Stim aka "Electro Acupuncture"

    A method of treatment where after a needle has been inserted
    at a point and the Qi sensation obtained, an electric current is passed through the needle both to strengthen and alter the nature of stimulation.

    Electro-Acupuncture has certain advantages over ordinary acupuncture. First, it can substitute for the time-consuming hand manipulation, thereby freeing the doctor to treat other patients.


    Second, the amount of stimulation can be more
    objectively measured and regulated by adjusting the current, amplitude and frequency.


    Third, it can, if desired, produce a higher and more continuous
    level of stimulation than manual manipulation (an important factor in
    acupuncture anesthesia).


    Finally, it is possible to apply the current through an electrode on the skin surface without the aid of a needle inserted subcutaneously. I.E: it can supplement or, to some degree, substitute for needle puncture.

    Auricular Acupuncture

    The ear is considered a microcosm of the body. Different points on the ear relate to different body parts.


    By stimulating the point on the ear, the body part is affected.


    This is done using needles during a treatment, in addition to body points. It also can be used with `tacks' (smaller needles or pressure stimulants such as ball bearings or seeds) attached to the points and left in for a couple of days.


    The latter is done so the patient can keep stimulating the point as needed when not being treated by the doctor.

    Hand Acupuncture

    A Korean technique wherein the hand is considered a microcosm
    of the body. Different points on the hand relate to the meridians in the body.

    If a particular part of the body cannot be stimulated because of bruising or open wounds this technique along with ear acupuncture can be utilized to aid in healing.


    It can also be used in conjunction with regular Acupuncture treatments.


    Wires that allow a one way directional movement of Ions.


    This device was created to relieve excesses in certain areas of the body and transfer that excess to a more deficient area.


    After diagnosing which areas need to be treated through abdominal palpation, the doctor superficially needles points on the body, and connects the Ion chords to those points.


    An immediate response is noticeable through abdominal palpation or pulse change showing relief of symptoms.


    A method of treatment whereby Artemisia is burned on or above
    the skin at acupuncture points.


    The heat warms the Qi and Blood in the channels and is therefore useful in the treatment of disease and maintenance of health.

    Sometimes Moxibustion is more effective than acupuncture, whereas at other times the two have a synergistic effect.


    A method of treating disease by creating a partial vacuum in
    a jar, usually by means of heat, which is then applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues and forming suction.


    The suction helps break up the stagnation of Qi and Blood and bring it to the surface, or pulls out the Pathogen that is causing the disease.


    The visual result is `hickey' marks on the skin, which vary in size and color depending on the pathogen. These usually disappear anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks after treatment.


    This discoloration, though not attractive, is in no way painful to the patient. General indications = Arthritic pain, abdominal pain, stomach-ache, indigestion, headache, hypertension, common cold, cough, low back pain, painful menstruation, eyes red, swollen, and painful, poisonous bites, non-ulcerated furuncle.


    A method of treatment using massage techniques. The massage
    techniques are used to stimulate and balance the meridians of the body, resulting in a better flow of Qi and Blood, thus relaxing and stimulating the whole person.